Pharmacovigilance monitoring

For many years we have been working in the highly regulated environment of the pharmaceutical industry, and our company is specialised to meet the unique requirements of this sector. One of these requirements is the obligation to monitor any digital communication channel for the purposes of pharmacovigilance. However, correct monitoring of this wide span of channels can only occur if extensive technical knowledge and pharmacovigilance know-how are effectively paired.

We offer custom-made tools for legal conformity monitoring across different digital channels. We not only work in accordance to local regulations but are also equipped to monitor conformance with European and US guidelines: our technical solutions conform to EMA and FDA requirements to ensure our clients are prepared for impending audits.

No matter which digital channels you plan on opening, or are already open, we can offer the right tool for screening any incoming messages, texts, posts, reviews or other alerts.

Examples of possible digital channels for monitoring include:

  • Social media activities on Facebook and Twitter
  • App reviews across a range of different App stores
  • Comments on YouTube videos
  • Forum posts
  • Emails 

We implement specific software solutions for the monitoring process; these help our trained staff in the screening and documentation processes. Innovative tools such as artificial intelligence and sentiment analysis can also be utilised to identify medical content – we are continuously enhancing these.  

Audit findings across your digital channels are now a thing of the past!

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