Social Media Guard

Because of the high demands of drug safety laws, in the past it has been difficult for pharmaceutical companies to adequately monitor their digital channels on social media platforms.

Our SaamS-Solution (Software as a managed Service), “Social Media Guard”, allows real-time monitoring of social media platforms such as Facebook pages and Ads within the Facebook network, and comments and posts on platforms such as YouTube and Twitter.

Our specifically developed monitoring and documentation concept not only allows us to detect medical and pharmacovigilance-relevant messages but to also react rapidly to negative comments and thereby prevent a possible shitstorm.

As a result, pharmaceutical companies can host Facebook pages within the stipulated regulatory guidelines and with audit conformity, taking on a negligible level of risk.

As a highly specialised service provider in the healthcare sector we have gained considerable experience in the social media landscape and PV/PTC alerts over many years. We continuously invest in upskilling and offer our clients attractive monitoring options for a variety of digital channels.

Your advantages at a glance:

No personnel expenses and minimal additional expenditure in the pharmacovigilance department
Gapless technical documentation
Quick response time
Validated software
Included technical support
Developed to meet the requirements of Good Pharmacovigilance Practices (GVP) of the EMA
Safety according to a Service Level Agreement
Conformance to data protection laws

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